(I photographed this beautiful couple’s wedding last year – if you want to see something gorgeous and glamorous and country-chic, you should check out their wedding blog post right here.)


Unposed, documentary photography sessions have a special kind of magic about them – especially at important moments in life. I truly believe in the amazing power of creating beautiful portraits of people that they can instantly connect with, because it brings back real memories and honest emotions.

Pregnancy and impending parenthood are unique moments in time, and ones that are lovely to document. Anyone who has seen my work before knows that I offer something quite different to the posed, flower-crowned, drapey-dressed form of pregnancy portraiture (which are lovely – just not my jam). I like to create thoughtful, emotionalreal depictions of parents-to-be, so that they can look back on this time in their life with more than just, “they Photoshopped my stretch marks away, I wonder what they really looked like?”

So I asked this mother-to-be what would be meaningful to her to remember this time – what was she doing a lot of? What made her feel good? What would remind her most of this time? She told me that she had great body confidence while pregnant, that she loved and felt peaceful while doing yoga in her apartment, that she really enjoyed just laying with her husband and thinking of their life to come. 

“Perfect,” I said. “That’s perfect. Let’s do that.” And you can see the results in these photographs – you can feel her peace, sense her stretching and enjoying her new body, soak in the love between her and her husband.

So when your time comes (or comes again), and you’re thinking about having photographs taken, consider an unposed session approach that yields you photographs with feeling. They don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be styled. They don’t have to be anything other than a depiction of things that move you.

Photographs with feeling. Get yours.








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