Documentary photographer. Specialising in unposed family portraits. Sought after for interesting weddings with short portrait sessions. Professionally trained. Fully insured. Lover of unposed natural beauty.

Hey! You made it! Out of all the photographers in the world, and all the websites on the internet, we managed to find each other. That’s pretty amazing, friend. It’s fate.

What is my style?
I’m the photographer for people who don’t want to spend their time looking and smiling at a camera. I’m primarily a documentary photographer, with a relaxed and unposed style, specialising in natural light and candid images that take you by surprise. My sessions are fun, stress free, and meaningful, with minimal posing (if any) and minimal hassle. I believe that photographs can capture true emotion, and remain powerful works of art that survive through the generations. I’m basically a photographic ninja.

What am I like? I’m fun, I’m easy-going, and I love to go adventuring. I’m never fazed by anything and will take on any challenge! I love kids, I love dogs (so make sure you bring yours along), and I love everything kooky and colourful and unusual. I’m big into individuality, being yourself, and celebrating all kinds of people in all their glory.

What are my qualifications? I’m a professionally trained and incredibly passionate photographer, with a photography degree from the UNSW College of Fine Arts and over ten years behind the camera. I’ve been published in and on the cover of Australian magazines,  I volunteer with Heartfelt, and I have work hanging on the walls of my clients both in Australia and internationally. As a professional business owner I am fully insured and have a current Working with Children Check. I really love what I do and I think it’s really important to do it right.

I love interesting, beautiful moments, and I love to be in the background capturing them while you’re doing your own thing. I don’t want to be in your face. I won’t tell you to smile every three seconds. I won’t manufacture your memories.  I just want to be there while you’re making them… and, frankly, you should want me there too.

Like the cut of my jib, and want to work together? Contact me right now and let’s make magic. Want to make sure I’m the perfect fit for you? Have a browse through my awesome blog to take a better look.


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Documenting the growth of new life with beautiful portraits that are real and full of love.


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