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Christening shoot – Catholic Christening in Waverley

Recently I photographed the christening of gorgeous little Georgia at Mary Immaculate Church, in Waverley. I really enjoy documenting orthodox and traditional ceremonies such as these because they always come with such a sense of occasion and are filled with such wonderful traditions, and this Catholic ceremony in this spectacular church was no exception. I think my favourite part of the ceremony was when the Georgia's cousin, unable to contain her enthusiasm nor bear the crying of the newly baptised baby any longer, ran up twirling to the steps of the altar to greet her favourite baby. She held her hand, made

Baby shoot – Batman at 8 weeks

Little baby Batman (also known as Toby) has been a long time in the making for me. I photographed his parents' wedding invites, their wedding (here), their maternity portraits (here), and I photographed Toby himself when he was less than 48 hours old and still in hospital (here). So to say I was chuffed to photograph him as an unfurled baby is an understatement! He was eight weeks old at the time of our session, and seriously, I just can't get enough of his strawberry hair and serious blue eyes. Just a gorgeous boy. Shot in the North Sydney home

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Newborn shoot – Harriet

Harriet was only seven days old when I visited her sun-drenched home in Woronora Heights, in Sydney's Sutherland Shire, and her big sister Florence had just turned one. How lucky am I? Not only were this family incredibly well put-together for a brand-new family of four, their home also looks like a styled shoot for Vogue Living - I swear to you, I didn't move a THING in this house. It just looks like that all the time. The worst part is, they're also incredibly nice! It's just not fair. Trust me, not all of my clients are this magazine-ready level

Event shoot – Greek Orthodox Christening – Max

I documented the beautiful christening of Max at the Greek Orthodox Parish & Community of “All Saints” in Belmore, Sydney. I've shot in this church several times before and it never fails to be an amazing place to shoot, even with the current restoration work happening inside. I love the ceremony and rituals involved in these beautiful christenings. It's touching to watch the parents and families of these little children become emotional as they go through this rite of passage, too. I have a feeling that photographing christenings, especially in these incredible orthodox churches, is fast becoming a favourite thing of

Hospital Newborn – Toby

I captured these images of precious little Toby when he was less than 48 hours old. I have photographed his lovely parents, Emily and Graham, several times - during their engagement, for their wedding (here), and their maternity session (here), so it was an absolute pleasure to meet him at last and be the first (probably of many) to photograph him too! I really enjoy photographing babies while they are still folded up and brand-new, while emotions are running high and everything is exhilarating. His new parents could not have been happier. Fresh, strawberry-blond baby - nothing better.    

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Wedding – Jess and Liz

I just want to lay it out for you all, since I don't want to be a vendor who is vague about the people to whom they offer services - I am absolutely and unequivocally in support of same-sex marriage. I love weddings, I love marriage, and I believe that everyone should have the right to marry the person they love. I'm an equal opportunity vendor - I serve the conservative, the liberal, the straight, the gay, the single, the disabled, the differently-abled, the young, the old, and everything in between. I'm delighted that my straight friends and clients have

Newborn shoot – Rory

Scone, in country New South Wales, is a place that I absolutely love to visit - and it seems they like me, too. I've done many jobs out there now and they just keep rolling in. The people are friendly, the scenery is fabulous, the animals are always right there, and the babies are deeeeelicious. Little baby Rory's newborn session was heralded by stormy, constantly changing weather, wild winds, and a dog who just loved to frolic (c'mon, seriously - how cute is he?!). And, my favourite thing - the horses. They're pretty big horse people around there. We stayed

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Maternity shoot – Emily

I was pretty chuffed to do this session. I photographed Emily and Graham for their wedding invites, then I photographed their wedding (see it here), then I had the honour of doing this session while they were awaiting the arrival of their son. They wanted to include their little pug Olive (also made famous in their wedding photos!) so we did a small session in their North Sydney location then we took a walk around near the water. Simple and sweet and loving.

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Newborn Shoot – Rosie in Scone

I've recently been called quite often to Scone, in country New South Wales - it would seem that I'm huge in Scone! They must breed 'em healthy out there because every baby I've photographed has been absolutely gorgeous. Rosie was no exception. The family's elderly dog Bella also joined in for her close up, which of course made me ecstatic, since pet photography is pretty much my favourite thing! (Side note: Rosie is the second adorable baby I've photographed with microtia - microtia community, can I please be your official photographer slash cheerleader?)  

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Hindu Wedding – Aneetha and David

Aneetha and David got married in a wonderful Hindu ceremony in Helensburgh, Sydney, and I must say that it was a real pleasure to witness this most symbolic and intricate of nuptials. I ended up delivering them over 700 images across 4 hours of ceremony coverage - I just didn't want to miss a moment of this ceremony, rich in the symbolism of ancient scriptures and cultural traditions. There was laughter, there were tears, there were many contributors to the ceremony, and many wonderful gestures made by the couple's family and friends. So understand me when I say that this

Newborn shoot – Bridget on the farm

You might remember Bridget from the maternity session I did with her with her horses and dogs in Scone, NSW. When her baby arrived, she asked me to come back to the country to see her darling little baby boy (who made me insanely clucky, I might add!). We talked about motherhood as I took photos of her feeding and cuddling little Robbie in bed, then I photographed her lovely family doing what they do best. I would love to visit rural New South Wales and do some more country shooting. Horse people, dog people, cow people, wheat people -

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Event shoot – Sarah and Michael’s wedding

Sarah and Michael were married on Shelly Beach in Manly, NSW, and on the nicest day September has ever seen, with a small morning ceremony and a breakfast reception at Le Kiosk, the beachside restaurant. It was fun, light, and beautiful. Sarah and Michael were relaxed and easy-going, and while they are a couple who definitely value photography and wanted nice photos of themselves, they really wanted me to spend my time capturing the moments of their family and friends instead of intensive posing sessions and awkward embraces for the camera. We were out for photos for maybe fifteen minutes,

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Newborn shoot – Baby Z

You might remember Alana from this intimate black and white maternity session I photographed earlier in the year - well, her baby is here, and he is GORGEOUS. While not technically a newborn shoot, since baby Z was three months old at the time of shooting, this was his first foray in front of the professional lens, and as you can see, he ain't bad. Taken at their Oatley home, Alana and her partner wanted black and white images that captured their baby's little details and their natural interactions as a family. Their style is quite unique, but luckily it

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Maternity shoot – Bridget on the farm

Bridget lives out near Scone, NSW, on a property with her family two dogs, two kittens, and three horses. Shooting out in the stormy country was a real pleasure, as was watching Bridget's bond with her animals. I think the picture of her kissing her favourite horse is one of my favourite maternity shots, ever. Country living. I'd like to get me some of that.    

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Event shoot – Greek Orthodox Christening

I wanted to share just a few (of the many hundreds!) of the photographs I took for a client at the christening of their twin babies. Remember these beautiful twins? Their lovely mother Georgie commissioned me to shoot their first big life event at the Greek Orthodox church in Belmore, Sydney. It was a beautiful day, followed by a raucous evening - these people sure know how to party! The Belmore church is awe-inspiring, and taking documentary photos there was a joy. It's so nice to think that these girls will have photographs to look back on when they are

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