A beautiful mid-week elopement: documentary wedding photography at Paddington Reservoir

Tuesday. Secret lunchtime ceremony. Seven guests. The amazing hidden setting of Paddington Reservoir. A recipe for a perfect wedding.   Samantha and Scott decided to get married in the intimate presence of their few dearest friends, and their baby daughter, in the incredible underground gardens in Sydney's CBD. I mean, look at this place: it's a wonderland of columns, arches, luscious green gardens, and unbelievable light - what a backdrop for a cosy, simple, luxurious elopement! I was asked to document their day for only two hours - because when your wedding is perfectly succinct, you don't need any more than that for

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A cup of tea with mum: pregnancy portraits with a beautiful twist

There's something special about a mother-daughter relationship. And there's no time when that relationship becomes more intimate and more poignant than when you're expecting a child of your own. Suddenly you begin to understand things about your mother that were hidden from you before - you begin to understand her worry, her affection, her self-sacrifice. You also begin to learn that she was just like you, wondering what lay ahead, inexperienced and nervous, but excited beyond belief. And this is why a mother-daughter documentary maternity shoot could be absolutely perfect for you. Embrace this time in your life, as well as

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Newborn photos for your second child – Why they’re possibly even MORE meaningful than with your first

There are oft-repeated jokes about second children: that they are parented completely differently to their firstborn siblings. Firstborn children enjoy hand-picked purees for their first food - second children get whatever everyone else is eating chucked on their high chair tray. Firstborn babies have their naps and bowel movements agonised over - as long as second babies sleep occasionally and their nappy isn't dragging on the ground, they're good to go. Secondborn children enjoy a far more relaxed toddlerhood than their firstborn siblings did, since their parents now know that as long as everyone is alive at the end of the day, it's considered a win. Firstborn babies have their photograph

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Round wooden prints – the heirloom you never knew you were missing.

Your walls have been waiting for just the right thing to come along and make them beautiful. Stress less, walls - it's finally arrived. Wooden prints are my newest gorgeous, sustainable product, and you're going to love them. And I'm going to tell you why. Firstly, look at it! This gorgeous wooden print is modern and minimalist, with beautiful smooth edges, which makes it perfect for every kind of home and every kind of decorating style. It's a smooth archival print, adhered flawlessly to a thick marine-grade wooden panel, with a special laminate that makes it resistant to scratching, dust, and

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Unposed Orthodox Christening Photography – Chatswood Armenian Apostolic Church

I photograph a lot of christenings, and I'm always intrigued and amazed by the beautiful variations between denominations in the baptism ceremonies. The Armenian Orthodox faith takes the beauty of this ritual up a notch with gorgeous head coverings, multiple priests, and a gorgeous colourful church, and I took such pleasure in capturing this wonderful event and absorbing all of the colour, tradition, and nuances of the day. This gorgeous baptism was held at the Armenian Apostolic Church in Chatswood. Documentary photography (also called unposed photography) is perfect for a christenings and baptisms, because a documentary photographer like myself is trained and

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Remembering your family at home: your future self will thank you

Welcome to this family's Saturday. In one of my previous posts I talked about why choosing to have your family photographed while enjoying a big tradition you love can make for an amazing, emotional documentary collection. But what about the little traditions that you enjoy every day? In this edition, I'm going to let one of my clients tell you why she commissioned me to use my unposed photography skills to capture - really capture - a Saturday morning at home with her family. Before our session, we talked about the things she and her husband really wanted to remember about this time with their

Jasmin + Claudine: Wedding at Sydney Rowing Club

"And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love; cannot be killed or swept aside.... Now fill the world with music, love, and pride." The modern playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda said it best.   Guys, you know I'm a sap. I fully admit it - I'm a romance-a-holic. There's nothing I like better than to see two people so heady in deep love that they just can't keep their eyes and smiles off each other. So it should come as no surprise to you that when I was honoured to document the union of these two unbelievably beautiful women, I may or may not have cried a little behind the lens -

Family Photos You’ll Love: how to get amazing portraits you don’t have to pose for

Do you want to know the secret to amazing, genuine, gorgeous family photos? Pull up a chair and pop a bag of popcorn (save some for me!), because if you’re willing to read on, I’m going to tell you.  No, you don’t have to have flower crowns. No, you don’t have to have a beautifully-styled house. No, you definitely don’t have to frolic in a meadow at sunset! (Who actually DOES that in their real lives, anyway?) So how DO you make sure you’ll get photographs you absolutely love? Simple - choose something you and your family LOVE to do,

Unposed wedding photography at The Grounds of Alexandria

One of the sweetest weddings I've attended is contained within this post. Beautiful city location: check! Flower crown: check! Cute wedding separates instead of a long white dress: check! First look: check! Laughter and comfort and generosity of spirit: check! Bride and groom so in love with each other it makes your teeth hurt: CHECK! Meg and Chris were married at The Grounds of Alexandria, in the "Atrium" area. I don't know if you've ever been to The Grounds before, but it's a really magical little place - like a little country gardening village in the middle of Sydney city. It's also

Documentary maternity photography – Mummy and me

You're going to love this. And if you don't, well, I don't want to talk badly to you, but you might be a bit of a monster. Isabel is pregnant, but wanted to do something different. She wasn't worried about lots of photographs of herself and her bump, posed luxuriously and flatteringly (and talking to the parents-t0-be of second babies, I find this is a common theme). Instead, she wanted to focus on her little daughter Rosalind and their relationship together - a relationship which will no doubt change forever when Rosalind's little brother is born. We wanted to celebrate these last

Why you should choose a spring documentary photo shoot

It's that time of year again. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the days are stretching, and the weather is completely unpredictable! What you probably don't know is that late spring is the absolute perfect time for a documentary family photo shoot. (Especially if you live in the Hawkesbury in Sydney - dang, is it gorgeous out here!) If you've never considered commissioning a beautiful, one-of-a-kind unposed portrait session before, here are six reasons to pick up the phone and book in with your favourite relaxed photographer (me) before the end of spring. Why you should choose a spring documentary photo shoot 1. Flowers

Documentary maternity photography – Emma does yoga

(I photographed this beautiful couple's wedding last year - if you want to see something gorgeous and glamorous and country-chic, you should check out their wedding blog post right here.)   Unposed, documentary photography sessions have a special kind of magic about them - especially at important moments in life. I truly believe in the amazing power of creating beautiful portraits of people that they can instantly connect with, because it brings back real memories and honest emotions. Pregnancy and impending parenthood are unique moments in time, and ones that are lovely to document. Anyone who has seen my work

Sydney wedding photographer – Elopements and registry weddings + SPECIAL OFFER

A beautiful wedding doesn’t have to be huge event, and beautiful wedding photography doesn’t have to mean hours of dowdy portraits. Embrace a different kind of portraiture – unposed, documentary wedding photographs crafted by a passionate (and stealthy) photographer who specialises in natural light, fun candid imagery and short, intimate portrait sessions. A photographer who LOVES unique couples who walk their own way in life. You're doing things differently. You're mavericks. You're bucking the big wedding trend and doing something perfect for you. You're my inspiration, you're my joy, and you're my perfect client. Invite me to your joyful registry wedding or

Unposed christening photography – Our Lady of Rosary Parish

Every christening is a special event in a family’s life, and every one deserves to be celebrated and captured. I love photographing christenings because they’re all about love - love of family, love of church, love of friends, love of ceremony. And then sometimes, love of a good party. This christening took place in a location new to me - Our Lady of the Rosary parish church in Kellyville, in the Hills District of Sydney. This was my first time shooting in a Catholic church in the Hills area, and let me tell you - it did not disappoint. Our

Prue Vickery Photography – Unconventional Wedding Locations

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, a fact that I love to celebrate. While I’ve photographed my wonderful share of big white church weddings, I specialise in smaller, offbeat weddings that sometimes walk a little on the wild side. I just love the idea that a wedding can be so many different things, and can express a couple’s loves and tastes so uniquely. And sometimes these weddings take place in places that you’d never imagine! Here are some of the interesting wedding locations I have had the privilege of shooting. It might give you something to think about when