Documentary maternity photography – Mummy and me

You're going to love this. And if you don't, well, I don't want to talk badly to you, but you might be a bit of a monster. Isabel is pregnant, but wanted to do something different. She wasn't worried about lots of photographs of herself and her bump, posed luxuriously and flatteringly (and talking to the parents-t0-be of second babies, I find this is a common theme). Instead, she wanted to focus on her little daughter Rosalind and their relationship together - a relationship which will no doubt change forever when Rosalind's little brother is born. We wanted to celebrate these last

Why you should choose a spring documentary photo shoot

It's that time of year again. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the days are stretching, and the weather is completely unpredictable! What you probably don't know is that late spring is the absolute perfect time for a documentary family photo shoot. (Especially if you live in the Hawkesbury in Sydney - dang, is it gorgeous out here!) If you've never considered commissioning a beautiful, one-of-a-kind unposed portrait session before, here are six reasons to pick up the phone and book in with your favourite relaxed photographer (me) before the end of spring. Why you should choose a spring documentary photo shoot 1. Flowers

Prue Vickery Photography – Unconventional Wedding Locations

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, a fact that I love to celebrate. While I’ve photographed my wonderful share of big white church weddings, I specialise in smaller, offbeat weddings that sometimes walk a little on the wild side. I just love the idea that a wedding can be so many different things, and can express a couple’s loves and tastes so uniquely. And sometimes these weddings take place in places that you’d never imagine! Here are some of the interesting wedding locations I have had the privilege of shooting. It might give you something to think about when

Unposed photography Sydney – NEW metal prints

Why have you chosen to have a session with me? I’m guessing it’s because you love unposed photography, and you want some beautiful documentary images to capture your life. Or maybe it’s because you know that I’m a dedicated professional with years of experience in photography under my belt, and you like to work with people you can trust. Or maybe it’s because you know that you’re not just going to get digital files thrown at you, to be lost in the vortex of your computer forever, and you love that I give you more than that, with my archival

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Unposed wedding photography – Emma and Dan in Kangaroo Valley

I wish I could show you every single one of the photographs from this beautiful wedding, but we'd be here all day, frankly, and I really don't think my bandwidth would cope. Emma and Dan were married in the Kangaroo Valley at a little farmstay called Broger's End. This gorgeous location is relatively secluded in the valley, surrounded by paddocks and trees and feeling for all the world like a country wedding paradise. The short, intimate ceremony was held in the dairy garden and the beautiful reception in the huge converted shed, with a barbecue buffet and the most amazing cake you've

Unposed wedding photography in Hunter Valley – Liz and Tom

Are these guys just perfection, or what? Liz and Tom were married at the Starline Alpaca Farm Stay in Broke, NSW. They are both vegetarians and are enormous animal lovers, so it seemed only right for them to be married on a farm surrounded by beautiful (if a little feisty) animals. The Hunter Valley region is notorious for its beautiful scenery, lovely people and great food, and it certainly delivered this for them with their lovely outdoor wedding under the gums and wonderful vegetarian buffet reception in the intimate, light-filled reception hall. What I loved most about this wedding was the simplicity and

Unposed family photography Hunter Valley – jacaranda mini sessions

I do a lot of work in the Hunter Valley, and while I'd love to boast that it's just because I'm in high demand up there, the truth is that it is one of my favourite NSW locations, ever. The landscape is stunning, the people are wonderful, the children are laid-back and cute as buttons, and the weather is always phenomenal. Even on a windy, overcast spring day, there's something special about the mood up there. It just breathes life. Alison and Bridget and their families are wonderful loyal clients of mine, and to date I have captured their babies

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Event shoot – Sarah and Michael’s wedding

Sarah and Michael were married on Shelly Beach in Manly, NSW, and on the nicest day September has ever seen, with a small morning ceremony and a breakfast reception at Le Kiosk, the beachside restaurant. It was fun, light, and beautiful. Sarah and Michael were relaxed and easy-going, and while they are a couple who definitely value photography and wanted nice photos of themselves, they really wanted me to spend my time capturing the moments of their family and friends instead of intensive posing sessions and awkward embraces for the camera. We were out for photos for maybe fifteen minutes,

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Maternity shoot – Alanna

Alanna called me with a different vision in mind for her maternity portraits - something a bit alternative, a bit raw, a bit rock'n'roll. Shooting exclusively in black and white in her retro South Sydney home, I tried to capture the distinct vibrancy, confidence, and cool beauty of Alanna's quirky style. It was a fun, thoughtful session, and upon leaving I was filled with a sense of happiness and elation, knowing instinctively that we had got some beautiful, representative shots. My favourite shots are the darkest ones, in the intimate setting of the bedroom, in which her seriousness and  introspection

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Wedding – Emily and Graham

Emily and Graham were married in Clark Park, overlooking Sydney Harbour, in a small, sweet ceremony. Their favourite little ones  - niece, family friend, and pug - were among their attendants. Their guests enjoyed snow cones after the ceremony, then a reception in a local pub (with pug biscuit wedding favours! And a Batman cake!) that was insanely fun. My favourite kind of wedding, really. Low-key, personal, outdoors, and a little bit offbeat. Simple. Fun. Beautiful. That's all I can say. Loved it.  

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Event shoot – Ruby’s 1st birthday party

I had the great pleasure of flying over to Perth to commemorate the first birthday of little Ruby. I've shot weddings, nightclubs, pubs, 30th birthdays, 90th birthdays, engagement parties, and everything in between - but this was my first first birthday! A big party, with lots of planning and food preparation and decoration and love poured in to it, and many family and friends and children came from near and far to gather around to help Ruby blow out her candle. Not to mention it was very, very pink. It was a fantastic day and a truly beautiful party. Ruby

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Newborn shoot – Sammy and Louis

A few photos from my session with Sammy and her beautiful son, Louis. There are too many beautiful moments from this shoot so I picked a few of my favourites, including when Louis fell asleep in Sammy's arms on the couch and she held him, close to her chest, while he slept for hours. Those are the moments she will remember forever, and the moments that disappear all too soon. One day (trust me, that day is already here for me), she will look back at these photos and wonder how he was ever that small, how he ever just

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Event shoot – Kristen’s 30th birthday

It's Moulin Rouge, baby! I was the photographer at this fabulous birthday party held in honour of the gorgeous Kristen. It was in a pub in Summer Hill, although you'd never know it - they decked the place out to be truly luxurious - everyone was in full costume, Toulouse Lautrec  prints were mounted, and the guests practically swam in champagne and top hats and feathers. It was amazing! A tiny sampling of the hundreds and hundreds of photographs taken follow. Happy birthday, Kristen! Your party was truly excellent and may your 31st year bring you joy, happiness, and even

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Boudoir shoot – Rebecca

I so wish I could show you more of this beautiful woman, but some things must stay between a girl, her husband, and her photographer. Suffice it to say she is stunning. This shoot was a gift from her husband for her 30th birthday (what an excellent present, I might add!). There were pearls, flowers, champagne, silk gowns, lace, and legs that went for miles and miles... all the things classy old-fashioned girls are made of! I absolutely adored doing this shoot in Rebecca's home. It sparked a hunger for beautiful, womanly portraiture that I'm dying to satiate...  

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Aspergers, disabilities and photography

In my previous blog post here, I showed you a large family that I shot in a park, complete with three generations and lots of fun props. There's a bit more to that shoot than meets the eye (as there so often is in this life!). One of the children, little O, has Aspergers. It manifests itself in many ways, one of them being an extreme aversion to cameras. If he had felt I was photographing him, his reaction would have been very unpleasant. He is also incredibly active and moves at about a bazillion miles per hour, almost literally

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