My advice to people wanting to dress perfectly for their session is this – don’t overthink it, don’t brand it, and don’t match it!  Wear something that you feel really great in, something that represents you as you are, and your family as it is, and something that makes you feel like a total babe. Don’t slap everyone in a white t-shirt with jeans – when do you ever wear matching clothes in your real life? Dress everyone in clothes that they love, and don’t be afraid of colour and patterns.
My only hard-and-fast rule is that logos or graphics of any kind are not allowed in front of my lens. Leave your Billabong t-shirts and footy jerseys at home –  plain coloured items or patterned items only!

As we will be conducting a beautiful, joyful documentary-style shoot, you should pick somewhere to shoot that has meaning to you, or somewhere that you love. We are really there to capture you and the connections around you, not the landscape, so if you are happiest in your simple backyard, or your unglamorous bedroom, or the local bowling alley, or the beach, or at your favourite park, then that is where we should shoot. I want you to look back on your photographs with great emotion and fondness for everything in them, and that includes the backdrop. I’m open to any location, as long as it’s one that you love.
If you’d like to discuss all the options for where to shoot, please get in touch.

Yes! While I’m usually pretty busy, I always leave a few spots open for last-minute jobs, because there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a photographer when you need one. If I have the time available I would be happy to jump feet first in to your last minute job!

Yes! I am an equal-opportunity photographer and love to cater to people and families of all shapes, sizes and styles. I have experience shooting same-sex couples, children with disabilities, large extended families, single parent families, unconventional couples, families dealing with serious illness, and so on. Prue Vickery Photography delivers a completely non-judgemental service and would be ecstatic to take beautiful photos of your family.

The last thing anyone wants is to wait months for their photos! The turnaround time for a maternity, newborn, or family shoot is usually four to six weeks. For portraiture and event work (including weddings), the turnaround is usually between six to ten weeks, depending on the size of the project. However, if you require a job be finished and delivered within a shorter time frame, I am absolutely happy to oblige, for an express fee. Contact me to discuss your needs.

If you need to reschedule our shoot together, I am available via phone or email to talk about it at any time. I understand that sometimes things happen beyond our control and occasionally last-minute cancellations are necessary! Every circumstance is different so if your situation changes, please call as soon as possible to discuss our options.

YES! Absolutely! Yesterday I had someone ask if I could do a family shoot with them all dancing in the water at the beach in full tuxedos. How could I say no? I am open to any and all suggestions and ideas, and approach every client with a completely open mind. Let’s collaborate on some unusual ideas – the results could be better than you ever imagined.

I accept credit cards, paid securely via PayPal, and electronic bank transfer (EFT). A non-refundable reservation fee is required for every shoot, and all payments must be made in full before the images will be delivered.

Yes! I do charge travel fees for jobs outside of the Sydney metro area. Contact me to get an accurate quote for travel costs to your job. These costs may sometimes be lowered by arranging for friends or family to also book a session.

If you’re shooting with kids, please make sure they are well fed and well rested when we go to shoot, and bring along some snacks and drinks if you think they will be needed, as well as any changes of clothing you think may be necessary (this is particularly relevant with small children and babies).
With dogs of my own, I love all dogs and am very comfortable shooting and handling the family pooch! If you’d like to include them in your shoot, there are a few things to think about. If shooting on location, remember to bring leashes, a bowl for fresh water, doggie treats, and so on, to keep them close to you and happy. If shooting at home, please consider if the dog needs to be on a leash or crated during the shoot until it is time for them to make their grand entrance in front of the lens.

There’s a few things you can do beforehand to make the shoot go more smoothly on the day. We will discuss your needs and choices prior to the shoot so that we are on the same page as far as location, style, and the shots you absolutely HAVE to have.

1. Think about location

Shoots at home:
For clients having a portrait shoot (either maternity, newborn, family, or personal) at home, a great thing to do is to decide where the most likely spot for your photos is to be. It is useful to walk around your house at the time of day you will be shooting, and look for the places with the best and brightest natural light. For many maternity shoots, newborn shoots, and personal shoots, the main bedroom is the most comfortable place to shoot.

Other great places to shoot can be:

* On the couch or lounge
* A shady spot in the front or back yard
* On the rug in your living room
* Any other more adventurous spot of your choosing

Maybe you don’t have anywhere in mind and you’re happy to let me choose.

Shoots on location:
The first thing to do is to choose your location. Choose a place that has significance to you and you think is beautiful and “you”.

I am happy to discuss or suggest locations with you well in advance of the shoot. We can also talk about clothing choices and any items you wish to include, so that when you rock up on the day all you have to do is look fabulous and have fun.
When shooting outdoors, we always book shoots in for either morning (finishing before 10.30am) or late afternoon (after 4pm, depending on the season), as this is when the light is best and there is the least amount of overhead glare.

2. Prepare the space

This doesn’t mean your space has to be magazine perfect! It can be helpful, however, to have it tidy and to clear any toiletries, clothes, clutter or items that may get in the way or that you may not want photographed. Simple bedding, with blinds and curtains open, and any blankets or throws that you may want to use on hand – that’s all you need. Wherever it is, simplicity is key! But hey, I’m a documentary photographer – if you love your space just the way it is, then keep it that way, and capture your life as it really happens.

3. Gather clothing and significant items

The next thing to do is to gather any special items, clothing or materials you would like to include in the shoot. For newborns, this might mean the blanket they were brought home in, or special gifts you would like them photographed with. For maternity, it might be your favourite robe. For families, it’s some toys to occupy the little ones, something for you all to do together (bubbles, kites to fly, balls to kick, etc) or the family pet, or gumboots and umbrellas to jump in puddles on a rainy day. As a documentary photographer, I always suggest capturing activities and things that have significance to you, that you love, and that you want to remember. This may influence which outfits you would like to feature, and any items you may want to put front and centre.

After the shoot, you will be sent a lovely little sneak preview of your session to tide you over until your images are delivered via Australia ExpressPost or courier. You will also then have access to a private, password-protected gallery through our website, that you can freely send friends and family to see all of the images of your portrait session or event.