Pregnancy is a special, complex and emotional time in a woman’s life. Growing a life isn’t easy! But we feel like it’s an important time to celebrate, and an important moment to mark. Some people think that you always have to be styled, slender, or only half-dressed to have maternity portraits done – not so! Celebrate your body’s growth and the coming of your little one however you please. Our priority is capturing images that make you feel beautiful, and to have you look back at your pregnant self with love and respect.

babies gallery

Every baby is a unique creature, seen with absolute love through the eyes of those who care for them. You want to remember their every breath, every sweet wrinkle and roll, every little expression. You want to remember how it felt to hold them. We aim to capture them in their natural element, emphasising their raw beauty and fragility through natural light and natural moments. You won’t find any harsh studio lights or elaborate posing setups. Just the capturing of real memories, from as early as birth onwards.

portrait gallery

Taken on location at the place of the client’s choosing, the images in this gallery cover many angles of portraiture – commercial, personal, boudoir, couples, artistry, and headshots. Excellent portraits come from an intimate place so it is essential to have a good client/photographer connection, one which we aim to from the first moment of contact. We look at things from a unique, organic perspective, to bring out the best in you to create beautiful, thoughtful photographs.

families gallery

Great photographs of your family – regardless of how big or small, young or old, complicated or simple, uncontrollably feisty or introverted and camera-averse, human or pet – are not out of reach. The photographs in this gallery do something different – they capture families of all shapes and sizes, with members of all ages, being together and being themselves. Some opt to be photographed in their homes, while others travel to places with significance or beauty. Using natural light to set the stage, a relaxing, undemanding and usually un-posed session, approached with sensitivity and laughter, can result in images that will live on in your family history forever.


From parties, to weddings, to gigs, to birthdays, to corporate functions. Being a natural “fly-on-the-wall” photographer gives Prue the advantage of capturing guests and participants in their element, while a vivacious nature helps her to take posed and groups shots when desired. Events are captured from every angle and the results speak for themselves. No event is too big or too small.