Prue Vickery Photography – Unconventional Wedding Locations

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, a fact that I love to celebrate. While I’ve photographed my wonderful share of big white church weddings, I specialise in smaller, offbeat weddings that sometimes walk a little on the wild side. I just love the idea that a wedding can be so many different things, and can express a couple’s loves and tastes so uniquely. And sometimes these weddings take place in places that you’d never imagine! Here are some of the interesting wedding locations I have had the privilege of shooting. It might give you something to think about when

Unposed baby photography – a moment in bed

Sometimes, it's the quiet moments that get you the most. The moments between one child and another, in the most unstyled, unfashionable, uncontrived of places. Sometimes it's these moments that speak to the human experience and the force of relationships, between even the littlest members of our families. Sometimes it's a tiny hand, a giggling raspberry blown on a soft tummy, the quiet of an afternoon rest, the sweetness of a little smile, the clasping of hands which shows the strongest of bonds. Sometimes it's those things I love the most about documentary photography. The way it has the ability to

Unposed wedding photography – Kate and Seb in the Hunter Valley

I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world that I get to photograph the wedding of interesting people. It really is a gift - they are trusting you with the documentation of one of the most special days of their lives, and I'm especially lucky because the people I get to photograph are always special, fascinating specimens of humankind. They're always a bit different, a bit kooky, a bit more sparkly than the rest of us regular joes. And this wedding was black tie, too, which made it that extra bit unusual. Kate and Sebastian were married at the Sisters

Unposed maternity photography – Nikki in the Hunter Valley

What do you do when you manage a horse stud, your whole life is horses, and you're beautifully pregnant? Why, you have your documentary maternity session out in the field, where your heart lies, of course. When people think of maternity photographs with horses, they might think of women in long flowing gowns over their bump, and flower crowns adorning their locks, standing in a field at sunset embracing a white horse. At least, that's the only kind of equine-related maternity photography I've seen around lately, and it's all the rage. And don't get me wrong, it's beautiful! But it's not for everyone. I

Unposed wedding photography in Hunter Valley – Liz and Tom

Are these guys just perfection, or what? Liz and Tom were married at the Starline Alpaca Farm Stay in Broke, NSW. They are both vegetarians and are enormous animal lovers, so it seemed only right for them to be married on a farm surrounded by beautiful (if a little feisty) animals. The Hunter Valley region is notorious for its beautiful scenery, lovely people and great food, and it certainly delivered this for them with their lovely outdoor wedding under the gums and wonderful vegetarian buffet reception in the intimate, light-filled reception hall. What I loved most about this wedding was the simplicity and

Unposed family photography Hunter Valley – jacaranda mini sessions

I do a lot of work in the Hunter Valley, and while I'd love to boast that it's just because I'm in high demand up there, the truth is that it is one of my favourite NSW locations, ever. The landscape is stunning, the people are wonderful, the children are laid-back and cute as buttons, and the weather is always phenomenal. Even on a windy, overcast spring day, there's something special about the mood up there. It just breathes life. Alison and Bridget and their families are wonderful loyal clients of mine, and to date I have captured their babies

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Family documentary shoot – Robbie on the farm

This is the third time I have photographed little Robbie and his family - I photographed his amazing mother Bridget while she was pregnant, being loved by her gorgeous horses (you can see it here), and then I photographed Robbie and his parents when he was only a few weeks old (you can see it here!). Horses are a running theme with Bridget's shoots! So when I was called back to photograph Robbie again at fifteen months, in an entirely documentary family photography session, I was so happy. The way I shoot is loose, and relaxed, and pretty much the opposite of in-your-face. Here I

Family shoot – Rory in Scone

Shooting in the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales has always been a serious perk of my job - I love the scenery, the people, the horses, the relaxed atmosphere - I love pretty much everything about it. (You can see a previous shoot of a Scone maternity and newborns here and here!) I photographed young Rory and his lovely parents when he was a wrinkly little newborn, and I was so honoured to be asked to come to document him at five months old. Family documentary photography has become my obsession and my passion, and I just can't do anything photographically that

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Newborn shoot – Rory

Scone, in country New South Wales, is a place that I absolutely love to visit - and it seems they like me, too. I've done many jobs out there now and they just keep rolling in. The people are friendly, the scenery is fabulous, the animals are always right there, and the babies are deeeeelicious. Little baby Rory's newborn session was heralded by stormy, constantly changing weather, wild winds, and a dog who just loved to frolic (c'mon, seriously - how cute is he?!). And, my favourite thing - the horses. They're pretty big horse people around there. We stayed

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Newborn Shoot – Rosie in Scone

I've recently been called quite often to Scone, in country New South Wales - it would seem that I'm huge in Scone! They must breed 'em healthy out there because every baby I've photographed has been absolutely gorgeous. Rosie was no exception. The family's elderly dog Bella also joined in for her close up, which of course made me ecstatic, since pet photography is pretty much my favourite thing! (Side note: Rosie is the second adorable baby I've photographed with microtia - microtia community, can I please be your official photographer slash cheerleader?)  

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Newborn shoot – Bridget on the farm

You might remember Bridget from the maternity session I did with her with her horses and dogs in Scone, NSW. When her baby arrived, she asked me to come back to the country to see her darling little baby boy (who made me insanely clucky, I might add!). We talked about motherhood as I took photos of her feeding and cuddling little Robbie in bed, then I photographed her lovely family doing what they do best. I would love to visit rural New South Wales and do some more country shooting. Horse people, dog people, cow people, wheat people -

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Maternity shoot – Bridget on the farm

Bridget lives out near Scone, NSW, on a property with her family two dogs, two kittens, and three horses. Shooting out in the stormy country was a real pleasure, as was watching Bridget's bond with her animals. I think the picture of her kissing her favourite horse is one of my favourite maternity shots, ever. Country living. I'd like to get me some of that.    

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