Documentary maternity photography – Emma does yoga

(I photographed this beautiful couple's wedding last year - if you want to see something gorgeous and glamorous and country-chic, you should check out their wedding blog post right here.)   Unposed, documentary photography sessions have a special kind of magic about them - especially at important moments in life. I truly believe in the amazing power of creating beautiful portraits of people that they can instantly connect with, because it brings back real memories and honest emotions. Pregnancy and impending parenthood are unique moments in time, and ones that are lovely to document. Anyone who has seen my work

Unposed photography Sydney – NEW metal prints

Why have you chosen to have a session with me? I’m guessing it’s because you love unposed photography, and you want some beautiful documentary images to capture your life. Or maybe it’s because you know that I’m a dedicated professional with years of experience in photography under my belt, and you like to work with people you can trust. Or maybe it’s because you know that you’re not just going to get digital files thrown at you, to be lost in the vortex of your computer forever, and you love that I give you more than that, with my archival

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Unposed maternity photography – Nikki in the Hunter Valley

What do you do when you manage a horse stud, your whole life is horses, and you're beautifully pregnant? Why, you have your documentary maternity session out in the field, where your heart lies, of course. When people think of maternity photographs with horses, they might think of women in long flowing gowns over their bump, and flower crowns adorning their locks, standing in a field at sunset embracing a white horse. At least, that's the only kind of equine-related maternity photography I've seen around lately, and it's all the rage. And don't get me wrong, it's beautiful! But it's not for everyone. I

Maternity session at home – Shannon

I love maternity shoots. I think they're beautiful, in every shape and form in which they come. I think pregnancy is something to celebrate. But... not every maternity photography session needs to be wearing a long drapey dress, in a field, wearing a flower crown. Not every pregnancy shoot needs to be in your underwear. (It can be, but that's entirely up to you! If anyone tries to tell you you have to strip to get good photographs of you while pregnant, leave immediately.) Not every expectant mother needs to trek to beautiful sunset location with a full face of makeup.

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Maternity shoot – Emily

I was pretty chuffed to do this session. I photographed Emily and Graham for their wedding invites, then I photographed their wedding (see it here), then I had the honour of doing this session while they were awaiting the arrival of their son. They wanted to include their little pug Olive (also made famous in their wedding photos!) so we did a small session in their North Sydney location then we took a walk around near the water. Simple and sweet and loving.

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Event shoot – the birth of Rosalind

As a passionate documentary photographer, one of my goals for 2013 was to photograph a birth. I had the exciting opportunity to do so when Isabel requested my presence at the birth of her first daughter. Unfortunately, it just wasn't to be - Rosalind was unexpectedly born in the early morning after a very surprising three hour labour. So my first glimpse of this new baby and her wonderful parents was a few hours later, when visiting hours began, during which I took these intimate images of Rosalind's first day of life. It was a moving experience, actually - observing

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Maternity shoot – Alanna

Alanna called me with a different vision in mind for her maternity portraits - something a bit alternative, a bit raw, a bit rock'n'roll. Shooting exclusively in black and white in her retro South Sydney home, I tried to capture the distinct vibrancy, confidence, and cool beauty of Alanna's quirky style. It was a fun, thoughtful session, and upon leaving I was filled with a sense of happiness and elation, knowing instinctively that we had got some beautiful, representative shots. My favourite shots are the darkest ones, in the intimate setting of the bedroom, in which her seriousness and  introspection

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Maternity shoot – Cee, take one

And now, for something a little different. Pregnancy, fabulous rockabilly style. There isn't anything more kickass than a woman getting it done. This lady is so crafty, she makes people. These photos were taken in Cee's home, with only natural light - no studio or lights required. I loved doing something different, something with a bit of attitude, a bit rock and roll. Got a vision in mind for your portraits, maternity or otherwise? Fire up and contact me, because I am dying to hear from your bad self. Beautiful Cee, you are a rockstar.  

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