Why you should choose a spring documentary photo shoot

It's that time of year again. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the days are stretching, and the weather is completely unpredictable! What you probably don't know is that late spring is the absolute perfect time for a documentary family photo shoot. (Especially if you live in the Hawkesbury in Sydney - dang, is it gorgeous out here!) If you've never considered commissioning a beautiful, one-of-a-kind unposed portrait session before, here are six reasons to pick up the phone and book in with your favourite relaxed photographer (me) before the end of spring. Why you should choose a spring documentary photo shoot 1. Flowers

Unposed photography Sydney – NEW metal prints

Why have you chosen to have a session with me? I’m guessing it’s because you love unposed photography, and you want some beautiful documentary images to capture your life. Or maybe it’s because you know that I’m a dedicated professional with years of experience in photography under my belt, and you like to work with people you can trust. Or maybe it’s because you know that you’re not just going to get digital files thrown at you, to be lost in the vortex of your computer forever, and you love that I give you more than that, with my archival

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Unposed photographer: The advantages of having a newborn shoot at home

You're having a baby. Maybe it's your first, maybe it's your second, or maybe it's your eighth (in which case, you are a superhero), and this is an exciting, scary, and truly unique moment in your life. You're considering having some photographs taken of your new darling baby and the newest iteration of your family, and you want something real, something truly unique, something that no one else has, and you don't want to have to travel to the ends of the earth to have it. Welcome, friend. You've come to the right place. Documentary photography in your very own home might be perfect

Unposed baby photography – Marcus at home

Hey, mothers of Artarmon, Sydney. Did you know that documentary-style, candid, relaxed newborn photography can quite literally come to you? I just want you to know that. Because I love Artarmon, and man, you guys make some absolutely gorgeous babies on that side of the city. Like this little beauty, for instance. Marcus was two months old when I arrived at his house to photograph him, and I was instantly smitten with his strawberry hair, his lovely little expressions, and of course his best doggy mate Murray. Marcus's parents wanted something intimate, precious and relaxed for their portraits together - they were

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Unposed newborn photography: Julian takes a bath

Who knew that just taking a bath could capture the fragility, the exquisiteness, the brand-newness of a baby? This is just a small part of a session I did with little baby Julian when he was only twelve days new. His parents, and doting big sister, wanted some very relaxed, unposed portraits at their home, which is a small Wahroonga apartment. The bathroom had no windows or natural light, but only using overhead light? No worries. That's your bathroom - that's where you bath your baby every day. You're going to spend a lot of time in there - let's

Baby shoot – Batman at 8 weeks

Little baby Batman (also known as Toby) has been a long time in the making for me. I photographed his parents' wedding invites, their wedding (here), their maternity portraits (here), and I photographed Toby himself when he was less than 48 hours old and still in hospital (here). So to say I was chuffed to photograph him as an unfurled baby is an understatement! He was eight weeks old at the time of our session, and seriously, I just can't get enough of his strawberry hair and serious blue eyes. Just a gorgeous boy. Shot in the North Sydney home

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Newborn shoot – Harriet

Harriet was only seven days old when I visited her sun-drenched home in Woronora Heights, in Sydney's Sutherland Shire, and her big sister Florence had just turned one. How lucky am I? Not only were this family incredibly well put-together for a brand-new family of four, their home also looks like a styled shoot for Vogue Living - I swear to you, I didn't move a THING in this house. It just looks like that all the time. The worst part is, they're also incredibly nice! It's just not fair. Trust me, not all of my clients are this magazine-ready level

Hospital Newborn – Toby

I captured these images of precious little Toby when he was less than 48 hours old. I have photographed his lovely parents, Emily and Graham, several times - during their engagement, for their wedding (here), and their maternity session (here), so it was an absolute pleasure to meet him at last and be the first (probably of many) to photograph him too! I really enjoy photographing babies while they are still folded up and brand-new, while emotions are running high and everything is exhilarating. His new parents could not have been happier. Fresh, strawberry-blond baby - nothing better.    

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Newborn shoot – Rory

Scone, in country New South Wales, is a place that I absolutely love to visit - and it seems they like me, too. I've done many jobs out there now and they just keep rolling in. The people are friendly, the scenery is fabulous, the animals are always right there, and the babies are deeeeelicious. Little baby Rory's newborn session was heralded by stormy, constantly changing weather, wild winds, and a dog who just loved to frolic (c'mon, seriously - how cute is he?!). And, my favourite thing - the horses. They're pretty big horse people around there. We stayed

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Newborn shoot – Bridget on the farm

You might remember Bridget from the maternity session I did with her with her horses and dogs in Scone, NSW. When her baby arrived, she asked me to come back to the country to see her darling little baby boy (who made me insanely clucky, I might add!). We talked about motherhood as I took photos of her feeding and cuddling little Robbie in bed, then I photographed her lovely family doing what they do best. I would love to visit rural New South Wales and do some more country shooting. Horse people, dog people, cow people, wheat people -

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